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Episode 12

Pheasants, Scenic Mesa, Colorado, Part 1

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An incredible place on the Western Slope of Colorado.

Join us as a German Wirehaired Pointer goes after pheasants on a buffalo ranch called Scenic Mesa. The scenery and weather are to die for. Our guests come from Connecticut and the wife of the couple is seeking her first pheasant ever.


Audio Episode A11

Hunting upland birds and waterfowl in Russia

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An interview with Sergei Shushunov of www.russianhunting.com about what hunting is like in Russia for different species of grouse and the largest upland gamebird in the world, the capercaillie.

Would you believe that to own a firearm in Russia you must be examined by a psychiatrist and declared mentally healthy? Interesting stuff.

If you want to hear about how avian flu will impact the bird we hunt and we ourselves if we bag a contaminated bird, subscribe to our premium podcast to get the latest word.


Audio Episode A10

Follow up interview with Rick Smith

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Rick Smith continues to share his wisdom about training dogs.

If you enjoy listening to this content, check out our Premium Podcast. We have just released a video of Rick describing various aspects of puppy development. Really interesting stuff.


Episode 11

Early season Sharptail Grouse in North Dakota, Part 2

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Continue to enjoy the early fall in North Dakota. The grouse were plentiful and we bagged a lot of birds. The scenery is haunting for those who enjoy the wide open prairies. We often drove on paved roads for ten miles without encountering another vehicle. Giant hay bales, plentiful potholes, and plentiful grouse—everything needed to make for a memorable hunt.

If you haven’t seen our premium podcast schedule yet, take a look. If you enjoy this basic, free programming, there is a lot more enjoyment and news to be found on our premium side.


Audio Episode A9

Introducing the Premium Podcast

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We are growing and looking ahead to a whole new experience for the bird hunting public. Our Premium Podcast can be yours for the minimal annual subscription of $29.95.

You will receive a whole lot of unique content that you will find nowhere else on the web or in print. Listen up and then subscribe. Together we can create unique video programming without all of the constraints of television.


Episode 10

Early season Sharptail Grouse in North Dakota

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This is the very first television show I ever produced.

We went to south central North Dakota in pursuit of early season Sharptail grouse. We were not disappointed. Despite a terrific wind, we wore through considerable shoe leather and encountered a lot of game. Two black Labradors who had never hunted together teamed up to make this a very satisfying experience.

Stay tuned, we will be introducing our premium podcast very soon—more features, more content, more news.


Episode 9

Audio Episode A8

An Interview with Dez Young of Hunting with Hank.

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Where did you first hear the phrase, “Never spoil your bird dog?”

It was on OLN and the author of the phrase was Dez Young as he—tongue in cheek—admonished people to keep their bird dogs tough by not bestowing on them the niceties of life and close human companionship.

Dez has seven seasons of upland hunting on OLN. Currently he hunts with Hank’s son, Dash. Come and listen to Dez as he describes how he got into the TV business and his thoughts on bird hunting and dogs.

Episode 9

Wheelchair Pheasant Hunt in California

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Come along and witness what a group of California bird hunters is doing for the disabled—a wheelchair hunt for paraplegic persons.

Good dogs, good birds, good vibes, good people. This video was supplied by Bryce Mann of Bryce Mann Gundogs (http://www.gun-dogs.net).



Audio Episode A7

An Interview with Brad Eden of the Upland Journal.

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There is a great website where bird hunters gather to meet and talk about our sport. It is The Upland Journal and Bulletin Board (www.uplandjournal.com) created and moderated by Brad Eden.

Brad describes how he came to create the website and what motivates him and his subscribers to participate in this undertaking. Located in Central Maine, he lives where he can walk out of his back door and hunt ruffed grouse and woodcock with his two English Springer Spaniels.


Audio Episode A6

An Interview With Steve Smith of the Pointing Dog Journal.

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Steve Smith is the editor of The Pointing Dog Journal, The Retriever Journal, and Traveling Wingshooter. In the past he also founded Gun Dog Magazine, Wing and Shot and Shooting Sportsman. He is an expert on dogs, bird hunting and shotguns.

In this interview we cover a wide range of topics relating to bird hunting dogs. Steve's vast experience and wonderful sense of humor make this both educational and thoroughly entertaining.


Episode 8

Vermont, Woodcock/Irish Setter Part 2

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Last week we started this terrific hunt. Now we conclude it.

Imagine getting your limit in woodcock and seeing the majority of the shots on tape. Credit to Bill’s dog, JD, Francis Smith, and the fall flight of woodcock. The night of the hunt, we enjoyed our woodcock cooked to perfection by the staff at the Heerminsmith Inn and they allowed our dogs to enjoy the dining experience with us. I highly recommend this hunt to any body wanting to experience the fall hunting in New England.

Soon we will be recording podcasts from all over the globe and adding them to our library of unique podcasting about the sport we all love so much.


Audio Episode A5

An Interview With John Gosselin, Editor of the Upland Almanac

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John Gosselin is the editor of the Upland Almanac ( http://uplandalmanac.com) a magazine dedicated to all things wonderful in the realm of upland bird hunting.

In this interview we meet John and learn how he came to this line of work. The difficult part of his job includes hunting in Argentina, the UK and South Africa. Wouldn’t you love to have that as your day job?


Episode 7

Vermont, Woodcock/Irish Setter Part 1

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Another hunt at the height of fall colors in New England; this time in Vermont with a wild and crazy guy, Bill Money, and his exceptional Red (Irish) Setter named “JD.”

We were guided by Frances Smith of The Northeast Kingdom Outfitters (www.northeastkingdomoutfitters.com). This was an exceptional experience all the way around. It was one of my favorite shows over the two years the Bird Dogs Forever aired on OLN.

We are growing by leaps and bounds with an audience all around the globe. Keep telling your friends to come along with us. We are in for one fine ride.


Audio Episode A4

Love and Respect

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Following upon our first audio interview with Rick Smith I received permission from Rick, his co-author, Sharon Potter, and The Pointing Dog Journal to present the article on Love and Respect in its entirety. This was published in the Pointing Dog Journal March-April, 2006.

Let me know if you like this sort of podcast. If you like it, I will regularly read articles from various outdoor publications that you might not have seen.


Audio Episode A3

An interview with Dale Wallis, DVM

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In many areas of the country we have to share the upland bird habitat with some unwelcome reptilian friends.

Rattlesnakes pose a risk to both dog and human. Until now the options consisted of not hunting when snakes were out, “de-snaking” your pup, or taking the risk of a bite and relying on anti-venom (and a couple thousand bucks) to save your pup’s life if Rover got a nasty bite.

Now a new option is available and it is pretty darned exciting: Rattlesnake Venom Vaccine for your dog. Dale Wallis, DVM is a principal researcher in the development of this product. Her company Red Rocks Biologics (http://www.redrockbiologics.com/) has received approval from the U. S. Department of Agriculture for the use of this vaccine in dogs. In this podcast we interview Dr. Wallis about the vaccine’s development and its application to our hunting dogs.


Episode 6

Maine, Ruffed Grouse/Braque du Bourbonnais Part 2

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Actually taping a ruffed grouse from flush to fall might be the most daunting task in upland bird videography.But we succeed and you see the whole sequence.

The day ended with the bagging of four Ruffed Grouse and a Woodcock. And the scenery was to die for.

Our audience and our library are growing by leaps and bounds. If you like what we are making available, drop us a line (click here) and tell your friends about the podcast as well.


Audio Episode A2

An interview with trainer Rick Smith

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Rick Smith (http://www.huntsmith.com) is widely recognized as one of the premier experts in the country on training bird hunting dogs.

In this, our first of three interviews, we meet Rick and hear about how he came to be a bird training professional and about his workshops that he holds throughout the United States. We learn more about his philosophy of respecting a dog rather than loving it to death.

Listening to Rick on dogs is similar to taking a drink from a fire hose.

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Episode 5

Maine, Ruffed Grouse/Braque du Bourbonnais Part 1

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Try New England in autumn at the height of its colors.

Guess what? Blaze orange blends in very nicely with the orange maple leaves. Must be extra careful. We meet a very rare bird hunting dog, the Braque du Bourbonnais. This French pointing dog searches for Ruffed Grouse in Northern Maine at Bowlin Camps Outfitters, http://www.bowlincamps.com.

We are now adding audio podcasts almost every week to supplement our regular video fare. We are taping new material as we speak. In no time at all, we will be a true internet magazine for all aspects of bird hunting. Start planning your fall hunting trip now by visiting our “destinations” page. We have a complete listing of destinations for all aspects of bird hunting throughout the world.

Audio Episode A1

Introducing our first Audio Podcast

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In our effort to bring you the absolutely best in upland bird hunting information and entertainment we are complimenting our video podcasts with audio podcasts as well. We will bring you all sorts of features and interviews in addition to the video releases.

Steve Smith is the editor of The Pointing Dog Journal, The Retriever Journal, and Traveling Wingshooter. In the past he also founded Gun Dog Magazine, Wing and Shot and Shooting Sportsman. He is an expert on dogs, bird hunting and shotguns. In our first free-wheeling interview we get to know Steve, appreciate his sense of humor and develop a terrible envy for his work in life.


Episode 4

Wyoming, Sharptails, Huns, Pheasants/Curly Coated Retriever Part 2

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The continuation of one big bird-getting adventure: This was a whale of a lot of fun.

It is the first time I have ever got my limit of Huns. The weather cooperated; it was sunny and warm and the wind did not significantly interfere. At the end of the hunt we get treated by a cameo appearance of a Chesapeake Bay Retriever on our last Hun encounter.

The future of our podcast is looking exceedingly bright. We are now working on adding audio podcast with very well-known people in the field of upland bird hunting. Stay tuned for our first audio podcast with Steve Smith of The Pointing Dog Journal later this week.

Thanks for watching!


Episode 3

Wyoming, Sharptails, Huns, Pheasants/Curly Coated Retriever Part 1

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Have you ever wanted a trifecta of sorts?

This is a hunting trip for three different species of gamebirds. We are in Wyoming—a Native American word for “where the wind never stops blowing.” With Jessie and a Curly Coated Retriever named Thunder, we seek Prairie Sharptail Grouse, Hungarian Partridge and Pheasants. We are hosted by the guides at the Rockin’ 7 Ranch www.rockin7ranch.com.

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Episode 2

Colorado, Blue Grouse / Pointing Labrador Part 2

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Come along as we continue our hunt in the Colorado Rockies for Blue Grouse.

The scenery is spectacular. As you can image, the dogs were spent at the end of the day. We figure they ran in excess of a marathon and did so at considerable altitude.

If you haven’t done so, subscribe now to our podcast. You can subscribe through iTunes or Yahoo. It is easy and it is free. See you next week as we go to Wyoming after sharptails, pheasants and Huns. Thanks for watching.


Episode 1

Colorado, Blue Grouse / Pointing Labrador Part 1

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Welcome to Bird Dogs Forever, The Podcast.

I’m Chris Hageseth, your host. This is our very first show. We will take you on hunts throughout the United States for all different species of upland game birds and we will hunt behind a wide variety of bird hunting dogs—some great, some average. This is purely for your entertainment. We won’t teach you how to train your dog, we just hunt for wild birds.

Our first episode is a hunt high in the Colorado Rockies (try up to 10,000 feet) pursuing Blue Grouse behind an award winning Pointing Labrador Retriever. Our host, Gary Hubbell of OutWest Guides (http://www.outwestguides.net/ ), takes us on horseback deep into the Colorado wilderness.

Don’t forget to subscribe to Bird Dogs Forever, The Podcast by using iTunes or Yahoo. It’s easy and best of all, it’s free! For step-by-step instructions of how to subscribe, click here.

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